Process runs without errors from UiPath Assistant, but fails with selector error from Orchestrator

The process goes into a virtual machine and opens an Oracle Webforms system to search for and change a list of contract numbers. The process runs without errors, when started from UiPath Assistant, but it fails when started from Orchestrator.

The robot type is unattended, the machine key is correct, and the robot is connected and licensed.

Before failing, several selectors are passed and return no errors, but when it reaches this selector it cannot find it:

I have validated the selector, and it highlights the right field even though I change the size of the window. However, it still fails, when it is run from Orchestrator.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi msj,
Is your orchestrator job running in a different environment to the UiPath Assistant? It may be helpful to take a screenshot before the selector issue occurs so you can see what was on screen at the point of failure.

Hi ZoeW

They both run in production environment. I can see that the process successfully logged into the virtual machine, as well as logged into the Oracle Webforms System and opened up a contract form (by clicking two different selectors). Then, when it has to click on the button “Egenskaber” (translation: properties), it fails.