Selector fails when RPA process run from Orchestrator, but runs correctly from attended bot agent

Pervasive issue with running RPA process from Orchestrator. Attempting to enter a filename in a Windows Office Save As input popup. Runs fine attended, fails from Orchestrator. Had to pare selector to bare minimum of lines. Spent over a day trying to figure out. Orch bug?

Selector -

From this:(fails from Orchestrator)

To this:(works fine from Orchstrator)

if the latter one also works in attended, then you should use it instead… im sure it is not a bug, when you are developing something intended to use in a background environment, you need to make sure to use the right selectors and options (and no activities that need foreground).

It is a foreground activity. I can recreate. It is a simple save as popup with activity of type into file name input.

I faced similar issue, when I click upload button, I get another window.
I changed the Simulate click activity to false, it was all ok when I ran from orchestrator