Assignment 3: Process finished due to no more transaction data - Losing my mind!


So when i run my dispatcher it stops after opening the acme website and going to the work items sections. I noticed there are like 100 other topics based on this but they don’t seem to help! Please someone help me!!!

I think i’m either not properly assigning the transactionItem argument or there is something wrong with my selector. Can someone please have a look at my file and let me know! I’ve spent days on this!!!

ReFrameWork-activity (1.7 MB)

ReFrameWork-activity (1.7 MB)

@lakshman can you help me out?

  1. dont post your workflow here, no one likes it.
  2. explain more about your problem.
  3. run ur program in debug mode and tell us how it went
  4. if you hit an error, screenshot error with variables panel and the activity where it faulted and your activity set up

do the above before any of us are willing to help you.

Hi @Asanka,
Its will be better if you send us the screen shots of your error and troubleshoot instead of your entire code as it will easy for us to teach you.

I didn’t realize those were rules to posting. Thank you for informing me as to how the community operates. I’ve been posting for quite some time and no one told me this. Thank you