Process finished due to no more transaction data - Generate Yearly Report

Any one. Please help, while runnning the dispatcher module getting the error.
PFA . I have attached the process.xaml and GetTransactioData.xaml.

image Process.xaml (14.2 KB) GetTransactionData.xaml (14.6 KB)

Make sure In Get Transaction workflow, the argument out_TransactionItem is assigned to TransactionItem. (in the invoked workflow)


HI @KarthikByggari , now its processing correctly.
PFA . But now , I’m unable to find entries in Queue on orchestrator.

In queue, click on view transactions, then you will see the list.
Refresh the queue.

Karthik Byggari

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I checked it .

One more question. Do we need to add enable this setting.

In process state, you must have “Add Queue Item” activity to add the transaction to the queue.
Please check the Process.xaml workflow.

Karthik Byggari

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Please check.

Can you verify what is the queue name in config file.
And also make sure that your studio is successfully connected to Orchestrator. (UIPath Agent tray).

Hi @KarthikByggari, initially I Have attached my Process and GetTransactionData.xaml file. Will you please check whether it is correct or not?

Yes in config file the Queue name is correct.

Orchestator is also connected successfully

Add a breakpoint to Add queue item and check if it hitting this activity.

Karthik Byggari

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Yes. I have added write line before addqueue to check if it shows the entry getting stored in Addqueue. but no entry’s are displayed in output.

Please debug and see if data table is containing data or not.
So you will find out the issue.

Karthik Byggari


Delete the queue in Orchestrator “InHouse_Process4” and add it again, give it a try now…

@mz3bel i have done it thrices , but still didn’t work.


Do check all your files, see if they have the same name of the queue. Also use debug mode and share screenshot…


Dear Anyone. If help with this issue.

Hello please how did you fix the issue of getting the error "process finished due to no more transaction data " ???

Have you Any one solved this issue process finished due to no more transactions ?