Upto Transaction flow is Ok...but Process transaction flow is not executing

Assignment 2 (Generate yearly Vendor report)

Dispatcher is ok.
performer not ok. below is the issue.

But when i run the workflow it process upto Transaction Data…The process transaction workflow is not executing. I have given the argument also. It get complete upto transaction flow.
What will be the reason. Please share the guidance.
ProcessflowSS Process%20Transaction%20data

Does your dispatcher add data to Orchestrator Queue?

yes it is getting added to Orchestrator Queue. But not executing process flow, can I copy all process flow into transaction data.

hello @ramkrishna2k3

check once in process.xaml activity in in_TransactionItem got value form Orchestrator Queue




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Just added the assign activity, but not getting the queue value. In Output Console it says process finished due to no more transaction data.

then problem in dispatcher.please check ItemInformation of addqueueItem activity

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getting error Add queue item:Column vendor Tax id does not below to table

check spelling once more.may be space will be left
or can send xaml file i will check

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Spellings are correct. please find the attached xaml

Performer.zip (680.4 KB)

send me the dispatcher file

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Please find

GenerateYearlyVendorReport-Dispatcher.zip (1.0 MB)

hello @ramkrishna2k3

you declare only one item(WIID) in ItemInformation property of the addqueueItem activity
so you got this error

getting error Add queue item:Column vendor Tax id does not below to table

see this

you need to add Vender Tax ID and Date with WIID column

Hope it help.let me know

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There are two xaml files. One is dispatcher and Other one is Performer. I have added the add queue item in performer xaml file. I have reused the xaml of Dispatcher, for performer. Process%20Transaction%20data

i talk about the dispatcher project
i go through Dispatcher.zip project. In GetTransactionData.XMAL

where you add queue item.You declared only one item i.e WIID

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Please check this document. i have walk as per the document.