I'm not able to download Studio X

I’m not able to install Studio X. I don’t see step 5 from instructions, hence, it’s installing Studio and I’m not able to follow the video lesson. Then, when I’m trying to uninstall the Studio from my laptop, in order to be able to install the Studio X (just to try it one more time), again I’m not able to do it. It sits in temp/roaming folders and there’s no chance to uninstall it as it shown in instructions.
Did anyone experience that type of issue?


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The installation of Studio and StudioX is the same, at first when you open it, will be normal Studio then you go to Home, Settings, License and profile, View or Change Profile


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Which studio version are u using
I hope better install new version

Once your installation just install studio, after installation you can switch through studio and studio x
Mention the path by @bcorrea

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Thanks for the quick respond. I’m able to get to there, however when I chose UiPath StudioX Preview - nothing happens, it doesn’t switch to Studio X. Are there any other preconditions I should perform before switching?

no i dont think so, as you click on StudioX icon it ask you to restart and it will come back as StudioX…

That is very interesting, as it’s not doing that…

Hi it’s the latest one I believe 2019.12.0-beta6.1 I got it following the instructions from UiPath academy

After several tries, it restarted. Thanks for the help


I was having the same issue. Thank You.

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Please refer to this, you will get the answer

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