Problems with orchestrator API calls

Hello everyone,

I need your help, how do i call the state of a robot using UiPath orchestrator api calls?, i’ve tried using this GET api call URL)/odata/Robots but, this give me this response:

i’ve read the documentation, but it says that this is the correct way to get that info.

PD: I am authenticated to make API calls. In fact, I can make other calls such as getting a list of folders, jobs, processes, etc.

What am i missing?

maybe this endpoint will help:

dont forget to set the X-UiPath-OrganizationUnitId when not using the ORC Request Activity

Hi @ppr Thanks for the reply, that helps a lot, but still cant get state, i want to get this state:

But i cant.

one RnD technique is to turn on Browser F12 Webtools the Network analysis and then browse to the pages / views within Orchestrator of interest. Afterwards check the recorded calls and find some hints to the relevant / called endpoints and the call details

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@ppr Thank you very much, I was unaware of that feature of Chrome, you just opened up a world of possibilities.

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