Orchestrator API Issue

Hi ,

Is there any way to check a Robot status consuming Orchestrator API.
I’m stuck with deliverable, Many Thanks in advance.

Hi @deepankumar90

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I hope my blog post will give you some insights:

It goes in depth about a specific feature implemented in 2019.4, but you can just as well learn how to use the Orchestrator API from it.

Hi @loginerror

Thanks for you welcome.

Once again thanks for your swift reply and i’ll check the post and get back to you ASAP.

Hi loginerror,

I have checked the link which you proposed. There is no more API for getting the particular Robot status.
If you have any idea about this , could to suggest me.

many thanks in advance.

You can find the full list of available end points here:

To get the particular robot status, you could use this one: