Empty response from Orchestrator API (Get Robots)

Hello, I am new to posting topics here in the forum, so please have understanding if my post is notnot following any forum-standards.

I need help with the Orchestrator API, I want to get the robots I can manage via my orchestrator. I am using the Community Orchestrator, and I have an enterprise license for an unattended robot. I am able to run jobs on my robots in the orchestrator but not via the API. I have been able to use the API via Postman to get my token and to get the releases of my processes, this to be able acquire the release key needed to run a job. So I would like to say I have basic understanding of the API and the possible calls.

However, when I try to retrieve the robots I can manage in the orchestrator I get a 200 response but it is empty. I am doing the following GET-request:
{{url}}/odata/Robots, where {{url}} is UiPath]/[TenantName]
X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId (Given that my releases-request work I assume this is correct, otherwise I assume I would get “Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder.”)
Content-Type : application/json
Authorization : Bearer Token (I get this by using Post request to the following URL https://account.uipath.com/oauth/token).

Below is a picture of the response I get. Please help me or tell me to add more information if more information is needed for troubleshooting.

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Hi @velija.povlakic
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did u done the prior configurations before using orchestrator API ?

Nived N
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Thanks for a quick reply.

Yes I think I have done the correct configurations. I mean I can see my robots in the Orchestrator. And I can use different calls in Postman to get the roles, the releases/processes in my environment.

Could you please be more specific on what configurations you are referring to?


I’m getting same empty Robots response from Orchestrator API. Anyone found solution?