odata/Robots Issue

Hi Team,

Need an urgent help about API Calling … as my company have upgraded Orchestrator 2020.10.8 version, so unable to call the below API


API Response:
@odata.context”: “https://…/odata/$metadata#Robots”,
@odata.count”: 0,

Check if the endpoint you are connecting is correct or not


Have you tested the query in SWAGGER?
What version did you move from to 2020.10.8?

In the newer version of the API you need to e.g. specify which folder you want to check (in X-UIPATH need to assign int32 value of folder number eg. 1 = Default folder)*

`* I refer to the Orchestrator on-prem as in my company.

You can refer to the changes here

select the 2020.10 version

Hey … thanks for your reply. Sorry I forgot to mention that my company orchestrator is “On-premises” server instead of cloud.