Problems with navigation inside mainframe


I am working on a project in which I have to automate a process in a Mainframe (TN3270).
On the pic, it is my parameters for connexion.
connexion Terminal
I know how to navigate in the environment. But it happens many times that I have an error message that the robot cannot find a field.
I’m using the "wait text’ activity but even with this, it happens. I used “Delay” activity but it is not a good practice and it slows down the process. And even with this, I have error message that the field is not found.

Has anyone ever faced this problem before ?
It seems unstable.

Thank you by advance !


Hi @najoua.abbaci

Please install the updated version of Terminal Activities Package (2.0.0-preview) and configure connection with Provider “Direct Connection”.

Thank you,
Daniela Dumitrasu


Thank you very much @DanielaD for answering me !
I will give a try and hope that it will solved this issue.

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