AS400 terminal activities: doesn't recognise field coordinates

Hi! I’ve been doing some automations on AS400 emulator with just minor issues with the terminal connection but none whatsoever regarding the activities until now: thing is I manage to connect to an open terminal sesión using the EHLLAPI method, the wizard pops-up, status is connected but the screen is black and won’t reproduce the image of the session it is attached to. Anyway, the recorder works but whenever I use any activity in which I need to specify the coordinates (Set field at position, move cursor,…) it throws an error (‘field not found’) and find it impossible to go around it. Any idea on what the problem might be? Thanks in advance.

Hi @pab_blue
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This field not found usually occurs because of following reasons
–The selector might have some attributes with dynamic value, which can be replaced with * to get resolved
–Sometimes the window that we have automated might run in background of other windows, which wont let the bot to identify the element (field), which can resolved by either using simulate click or send window message property.
–The selector might fail to find the element (field) as the window gets changed which in turn get changed with selector as well, so this can be resolved by using attach window or attach browser (for web application) inside which place the activities to be performed in new windows.

Hope this would help you


Hi! Thanks for your answer. Solution was much more simple than that and I just wanted to leave it here in case it might be useful for somebody else: when configuring the terminal connection via EHLLAPI I uncheked the option ‘EHLL enhanced’ and that did the trick for me. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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