Problems with Delimiters when putting Data Scraping Output in Excel Application Scope

The scraped data are Exchange rates and they have the format "*,xxxx "(after the “,” there are Always 4 Digits).
The Output doesn´t seem to recognise the “,” as a delimiter.

For example: 4,1422 in the browser becomes 41.422 (=41422) in Excel.

I tried to change the settings inside the Excel table, but after running the process they appear to be reset.

Assigning the DataTable Variable to an Integer/String value doesn´t work either.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @Madlen

Could you try printing the scrapped data first in the console using the Output Data Table activity? It is just to see how they are initially scrapped.

Then, you could try the Write Range of the workbook activity instead of the Write Range of the Excel Application Scope to see if the data is saved properly (assuming it was correctly scrapped).