Data not being displayed correctly in CSV file

Hello Everyone,

I’m very new at this so bear with me on this.

I’m trying to screen scrape data out of a desktop application.

I’m able to capture the text from my windows app and insert it into dataTable, add data row then export it as csv file, however, the csv is always empty.

I’m able to VIEW the captured data only if I change input delimiter from Comma to Tab or semicolon

I have attached a screenshot with my issue.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here ?



It looks like you are doing it right. I would suggest verifying that the variables firstName,middleName, and lastName have something in it after the Get Full Text activities. You can verify this with a WriteLine or Message Box. If they are empty, then the problem is with the scraping, and if that’s the case, then you can take a different approach to getting the text, like maybe Get Attribute (check UiExplorer for possible attributes you can use); there might be other ways too.


Thanks for your reply. I’m able to view the data in Message box.

as mentioned earlier, I’m able to view data only when I change input delimiter from Comma to Tab or semicolon but that’s causing the data not to be displayed properly and all in under one column

Any thoughts on this?

If you open the CSV in Notepad (by right clicking and choosing Edit), does it look correct?

If it’s a system issue where the delimitter is wrong you can possibly check out some online sources to resolve it like this one that suggests to adjust your Regional settings:

Thanks for noticing this .

The names appear to be between quotes like string value.

could this be the reason why they aren’t showing properly?

Yeah, it’s the Newline character most likely.
Adjust your ArrayRow to this:

Try that and see if it works.



Thanks so much! I have been stuck with this all day.

Thanks again

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