Problems with CSV file

I have this very simple workflow with only a Read CSV Activity.
It says that the .csv file is invalid.
I can open it with no problem in excel.
Since I am new I cannot upload it, but what I can see is that it has double quotes vs just comma separated values.
Any clues?

@Auxis Install excel package

Its installed.
I can actually open other csv files with no problem.
The issue is with a particular type of csv file.
What I see as different is the double quotes.
Excel opens it fine, and if I save it at csv uipath will open with no problems, but I want to do it directly from Uipath.
Maybe it has something to do with the encoding of the file.

@Auxis Can you attach your work flow screen shot

Double check your file path. Is that supposed to be a relative reference? It is looking wherever your project folder is as the root folder.

If you want an exact file path you’ll have to specify the drive letter such as C:\temp\yourfile.csv