Read CSV - "The given path's format is not supported"

I am working through the first UIPath Academy practice for reading CSV files, and I am running into this error - the csv file is saved in the same local folder as the xaml file.

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please check weather file extension is in .csv or not

Yes, confirmed that the file extension is CSV.

Seems to be a bug - if I use the file selector built into the Read CSV action, it works. Originally I pasted the file path into the quotes, and that returned the error. Confirmed that the file path for both the paste and the file selector were identical, so definitely a bug.

Have you tried both cases “.csv” and “.CSV”. Also with the string you use in the Read CSV activity? I think “.CSV” is the one that should work.

If you still can’t get it, you could always use Read Text File (since .CSV is text-based) and go through your data that way.


Depending from where you copy the path in Windows (i remember one example with file properties when coding in .Net) the path of the clipboard can contain some weird hidden characters.

It’s generally a good approach to use the wizard as you did to refer to your path.


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Check if the column names in CSV are not same. They should be unique.


Check if there are any other language character in the path.