Problems when saving a csv file in Excel

Using the ‘Read to CSV’ Activity
When saving in Excel
The value ‘202310221122333’ is saved with the last digit of the number changed to 0.
Result: ‘202310221122330’
There is no problem when I use the Load File menu in Excel, but when I use Activity in UiPath, there is a problem with the results. Is there a solution?
Or is this only possible with Excel functions?

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Excel might be automatically rounding or truncating the last digit in this case.

One way to address this issue is to force Excel to treat the data as text instead of a number. You can do this by prepending a single quotation mark (') to the data before saving it to Excel.

yourValue = "202310221122333" 
`use a assign activity like this 

modifiedValue = "'" + yourValue

Hope this helps
Cheers @sumouse

Yeah once after reading u will get datatavle as output

Then use a FOR EACH ROW activity and pass datatable as input
Inside the loop use a assign activity and make the changes as suggested above

Then use WRITE CSV FILE activity to write it back to the csv file


I forgot that, thank you ^^

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