Converting the CSV file to Excel problem with delete of single quote

Hi everyone! I have a headache for the following problem, please your support, thanks in advance!

I’m converting the CSV file to Excel by Reading CSV File getting the Datatable and writing that Datatable to Excel File using Write Range Activity of Excel Application Scope (Image 01).

As a result for some columns the activity “Write Range” remove some quotes and I don’t understand why. for example for the Response_Code column instead of writing ‘62’ just write 62 ', and for some dates of the Date_Local column instead of writing 08/31/2021 23:31:04 write 08/31/2021 23:31: 04.

Image 01 is the uipath activity
Image 02 is the orginal .csv file
Image 03 is the wrong format that uipath generates
Image 04 is the format of how I need it to be

Hey @Gerardo_Jesus_Ignacio_Vil

In Excel application Scope properties select Preserve Format and run. See if it helps