Validation errors for attaching browser

Hello all,

I’m new to UIPath and actually posting first time. I’m attaching a browser and getting the errors and can’t get past when I try to run the flow. It has validation errors. Not sure which variable needs to be passed and where. I was torubleshooting by the selector and still doesn’t work. Need help please.

What error do you see? Please attach a screenshot.

Rammohan B.

Hi @sg5

When you are attaching a browser through attach browser activity, you need to make sure you set what type of a browser you are attaching… for example, IE, firefox or chrome… by default it is set to IE. If you are using othrr type of browsers, you will need to set it in attach browser properties…

If you have already done this, and the issue still exists, could you share a screenshot of your error… i would be able to help


Thanks for the responses. I’m using IE so do I still have to declare the browser beacuse the properties window shows the error when I hover over the WorkingBrowser error. Not sure how and where it needs to be declared.
Any suggestion or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

I’m trying to paste the screenshot but it’s not allowing me to do that as a new user.

@SG5 Follow this
use open browser activity in this output property create variable (chrome_session) and use attach browser in attach browser inside input property there is Browser here pass variable created in open browser (chrome_session)

Indra…thank you. But I’m using IE so do I have to use the variable (Chrome_session)?

@SG5 Chrome_session is like a variable name you can use any name

Hi @SG5

This is an attached browser activity that i’m using for one of my projects… I’m also using IE… Check whether you have similar configuration as follows.

Let me know whether it helps

Lahiru…thanks much for sending me the attached config screenshot. I compared it to my properties windows and it’s the excat same. Not sure what the problem is.

Ok let me try. Thank you.