Problem with type into double vs. string

Hello I’m reading a DT field and using a variable (double) to store it. When I use type into activity to enter it on a web application, I have to convert the double to string but the typed value is missing digits. i.e. if the number is 234344.2345, the typed in value ended up with 4344.2345. How can I fix this. Thanks

looks like the bot is typing too fast and needs to be synchronized

put a delayBefore on the typeInto Or Debug and pause a litle while befor typing in the value.

Once it is verifying our hypothesis then we can check for a proper synchronization. Maybe you can share the XAML or some screenshots from the flow with us

Thanks Peter, I did have a delay before type into. is there a way to slow down the typing? it does look like the issue


great thanks so much!

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