Has anyone faced the issue typing incomplete string using type into?


I am facing an issue of getting incomplete string when using type into activity. Can anyone help me regarding this??

Example:: Input dialog value is RPA developer but getting veloper or loper.

@UiPath person, is this the issue with new version of the software??

That was strange @AryanSingh

Are you sure you are not doing any string manipulations before type into or while type into?

If no, then make sure the field you are trying to enter will accept more than the number of characters you are entering :slight_smile:

Actually i have faced the issue. In some application due to application loading lag it happens.

  1. Keep the Wait for ready to COMPLETE.
  2. Still if you have the issue what you can do is after type into use get text activity and compare the input string with the get text if its same it will continue to the flow else rewrite the same.
    i used to get this problem only on the login page rest of the places it was working fine.
    so if you are facing problem only at one or 2 places you can use this concept.
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No i am not doing any manipulations for the string. But, For now i have found a round about way to correct the issue!

I have use delay between keys property to correct this issue.

I am also confused why this is Happening?

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Actually in last version 2019.7.0, This same workflow was working properly. But after this update, showing this issue.


Can you confirm one thing for me??

If there is a workflow already developed on Blueprism and I want to port it to the Uipath.

Is it possible? If it is. How can I do it?

No Idea about this @AryanSingh


Should I ask on the forum?

Yeah, Create a new topic . If someone knows how to do that, will surely reply :slight_smile:


Ok. thanx for your help and guidance.

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