Type into not putting full text in text box


I am extracting a double value from an excel sheet and trying to type it into a text box. I am trying to get this to work by converting the value to string as so,

convert.ToDouble(row.item(“Transport Allowance”).ToString.Trim).ToString

Not the best way and the above seems to work fine for integer values only, whereas for double values only the values to the right of the decimal value are being inserted into the textbox.

So for value 6000.50 it is putting value 50 as the value which is incorrect.


On debug mode it shows that the value is correctly stored in the variable,


Tips appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @ayub_z

did u check this thing by manually typing the number to see whether u are getting 50, when u type 6000.50?

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR , If i understood you correctly you are asking whether the control will accept the values if typed in manually ?

If so the answer is yes, the control will accept the value if typed in manually. Please note the screenshot below


Thank you

Hi did u use simulate option in type into ?

Yes, the SimulateType option is set to true.

Uncheck that Simulate Option and try again

Nived N

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That seems to have done the trick. Thank you @NIVED_NAMBIAR

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