Problem with the next page in Data Scraping

Hi everyone!

I use Data Scraping to retrieve a DataTable in web and get a problem. I need to extract a table for all pages, but I don’t have a “next page” button. Only buttons 1,2,3,4 …

How to get around this problem?

I have an idea to use “for each”, but I’m not sure that this is a good solution
I will be grateful for any advice.

Hi @Lieben

I think this is a good idea to use for each.

You can use find children activity and for each element you can click on the page number and scrape the data.

Also, see if you can use REFramework this would be even better to handle.


  1. Start the index from 1
  2. Create a dynamic selector of button (input index)
  3. Check if the page exists using Element Exists activity and dynamic selector as input
  4. if element exist is true, use Data Scrape and increment index + 1
  5. goto 2
  6. if element exist is false, stop.
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Hi, @PrankurJoshi
Thanks. Well then I will use “for each”
I use REFramework, but transaction will be contain DataScraping how part more process.

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