Problem with the invalid selector. UIPath Generate Yearly Report

Hello Community,

I’m trying to solve the assignment for UIPath Advanced course. I face one problem in the “Process”. When I’m trying to debug it stops on the “Attach Browser” activity. And gives the following mistake(see screenshot).

I checked mine selector, but don’t understand where is the problem (see attached screenshot the selector that I have). Does anybody know how to solve it?

I confirm the problem tag “SPAN” is now “A”.
I also notice that the click action the “page-numbers current” opens the dashboard i.o. the selected Work Items. It is a change of behavior.
Is the new expected behavior?

But were you able to solve it?

I have just configured the click button property “Continue On Error” to yes with the selector attribute class=“page-numbers”.
it fails when the class=“page-numbers current”, but the condition is correct for the next activity “On element Appear”.

I try to get the “class” attibute value with something like UiElement.GetSelectorAttributeNames … but without success so far.

Let me know if you find a better solution.

I still try to find a way how to solve it.

Hello I am also facing the same issue if you know how to solve it please help me.

Thanks in advance