Selector issue occurs when the workflow file is moved to another machine

When I run my workflow in local machine it works fine and there is no selector issues. All selectors are made dynamic with wildcards and all. It work perfectly in my system. When I change it to another system, it doesn’t work. when I check the selector, sometimes its validating and in some situation its showing validation error…

Please anyone help me with this solution…

If you are automating in internet explorer, please check this out

if you are automating in chrome, it may be a chrome extension issue or the application itself.

I have read that when the screen resolution changes, then there will occur selector issues. Is it true?
Can yo tell me more about it.

Screen resolution changes only matters if you are automating via citrix, remote, or images.

then in case of click and type into activities doesn’t occurs any changes?

It should not occur.