Problem with screen resolution when try to use Click Image. Please help

Hello there. I got this screen (please see below screen capture) when I used the Click Image activity to indicate an image to click inside an application window.

Anyone got the solution? Thanks so much.


We got two options to handle this buddy
—either we can use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab and use n number of keys until it reaches the field we want to be clicked
Once after reaching the field we can use again a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as enter


We can use COMPUTER VISION a activity to click on the element in Citrix
Cheers @soravispr

Hi @soravispr,

I Suspect you are trying to open an SAP connection.
I have already automated this using Double click Text activity with Connection Name (Exactly as configured) as input & it is working perfectly fine for me.
By using this activity there will be no issue of resolution.

I think the most stable option is to filter for the connection you need in the search box at the upper right corner (usually by the SID, or by something in the connection name that is unique), and them hit enter. No clicking needed!