Click Image Activity : How Reliable?

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How reliable is click image activity? I am having a 5250 Display Terminal Like IBM iSolution. Where I need to click on one of the cursor position. It is working on my local computer seamlessly. If I will deploy it to a Window Virtual Server. Will it accurately like working on my machine? Won’t be screen resolution a problem here in this?
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You definately need to set up the activity according to your resolution. Also make sure that you only have the element you want in the image (no borders or anything)

If properly set up the reliability is very high (not 100% though)

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Yeah you are right. It depends and you got the reason in the question itself

Screen resolution plays a major role in image based activities

Click image is very reliable unless the theme or other graphical element changes
An alternate way that can be faster and most reliable is by replacing the mouse action with keyboard keys

Yeah hot keys are more accurate and recommendable as click image using mouse interactions can sometimes be inaccurate

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Yes, This is faster. Reason being use of click image activity is, we need to press 18 times tab key stroketo reach to that place. But if we use click image activity I can click to a fix field in the screen and then one tab will reach to that field to enter data. In this way I can reduce the number key stroke. What’s your thought?

So when you say theme and other graphical element change. What you mean by this? Could you please clarify on this. Coming to my my query. My screen is a black back ground with having some info like PNR i.e. in yellow. that is it. Nothing else. Will this create a problem.?

How to setup this? I can not see any much properties which can be used/changed for click image. Can you tell in details?

What if the background Color of the image or even Color with image itself changes, likewise the size of the image changes then click image will fail at sometimes

And more than that click image is ocr based and it will take more time when compared to a normal click activity

Considering the robustness of the process accuracy of the keystroke is more important than the time taken for key stroke. And it won’t take much time not more than 5 seconds…yeah keep a send hot key with tab as a key inside a while loop with counter < 18. It will run at same pace with accuracy