I can´t connect to orchestator cloud

Hi good afternoon.

I have an issue at the moment to make a conection with the VM and orchestator. I have tried so connect with all the option enable but i always get this error. Any one have ever deal with this?

i put capture of my licence if helps

Hello @NatanaelGarduno, try some of these steps:

  1. License Activation: Ensure that your UiPath Robot has a valid license key activated. You can verify this by opening UiPath Robot and checking the license status. If it’s not activated or expired, you might need to activate it using a valid license key.
  2. Orchestrator Configuration: Double-check the Orchestrator settings in UiPath Robot. Ensure that you have the correct Orchestrator URL and machine key configured in the Robot settings. The Orchestrator URL should point to your Orchestrator instance, and the machine key should match the one defined in Orchestrator.
  3. Firewall and Network: Verify that there are no firewall or network issues blocking communication between the UiPath Robot and Orchestrator. Ensure that the necessary ports are open for communication, and there are no network restrictions preventing the connection.
  4. Machine and Robot Configuration: Check that the machine in Orchestrator is correctly configured and mapped to your UiPath Robot. Ensure that the Robot is provisioned under the correct machine and environment in Orchestrator.
  5. User Permissions: Ensure that the user running the UiPath Robot has the necessary permissions to access Orchestrator. This includes permissions to read and execute processes, as well as permissions to interact with Orchestrator APIs.
  6. Robot Version: Make sure you are using a compatible version of the UiPath Robot with your Orchestrator instance. Mismatched versions can sometimes cause issues. It’s a good practice to keep both Orchestrator and Robot versions up to date.
  7. License Management: If you have multiple licenses, ensure that you are using the correct license type (e.g., Attended, Unattended) based on your automation needs.
  8. Orchestrator Health: Check the status of your Orchestrator instance to ensure it’s running without any errors or maintenance activities that might be affecting connectivity.
  9. Logs and Diagnostics: Review the logs in UiPath Robot and Orchestrator for more detailed error messages. This can help pinpoint the exact issue causing the connection problem.

Cheers! :slight_smile: