Not able to connect to Orshestrator

I used UiPath in 2021 and since then my machine has changed. In my new machine, while I was trying to install Studio, I realized that I did not have my previous key hence downloaded another trial version with the existing id. I was able to launch it with the new license key but I am not able to connect to Orchestrator. In the orchestrator of my login, i do not have a way to add my new license. Need help

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  1. You mentioned that you have a new license key. To update the license key in Orchestrator, follow these steps:
    a. Log in to your Orchestrator account.
    b. Navigate to the License page or section.
    c. Look for an option to update or add a new license key. This might be labeled as “License Activation,” “License Management,” or something similar.
    d. Enter your new license key and follow the prompts to activate it.
  2. Update Orchestrator Connection in UiPath Studio:
    Once your license is updated in Orchestrator, you’ll need to update the connection settings in UiPath Studio:
    a. Open UiPath Studio on your new machine.
    b. Go to the “Home” tab and click on the “Sign In” button.
    c. Sign in with your UiPath account that is associated with your Orchestrator.
    d. In UiPath Studio, navigate to the “Automate” tab, and then click on “Orchestrator Settings.”
    e. Enter the Orchestrator URL and Tenant name you retrieved in step 1.
    f. Click on the “Test Connection” button to verify the connection to Orchestrator.
    g. Once the connection is successful, click “Save” or “Apply” to save the settings.
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Hello, Thank you for your response. When I am navigating to Orchestrator License page, it is showing last few characters of my previous license I guess (I do not have the previous license with me) and the Licensed Until date as : 5/12/2024.
In that page , when I click on “Manage License from Automation Cloud” it takes me to a page that has details like Subscription Expiry as May12, 2024. The buttons available at the top right of the page are “Start Pro Trial”, “Buy Now” and “Enterprise activation”. These are related to my previous license I guess.
I do not have an option to add the new trial license.

Hello @debjani.roy ,
Thank you for the Information, Are you using the Cloud Version Of Orchestrator Or ON-Premise?

I am logging to hence the cloud version. But in 2021 when I was using the orchestrator, I am not sure whether I was using cloud or not

Try connecting to the Orchestrator, from the UiPath Assistant.

When I tried to connect through assistant, it asked me to login (I have used same id to install trial version of UiPath last week that I used in 2021 but the license information in the last week’s trial version is definitely different that 2021). After I login, it is saying " Cannot load automations…
Connected to Orchestrator but was unable to retrieve a license. Please contact your automation department"

Go to the license and change a license state as active for the machine which you are using
as below
licenses—machine–view robots—configure robots—enable

Hope it helps

Please go through the previous posts (yesterday’s). I am not able to do anything in the license page from the cloud orchestrator. Thereby I was asked to try through assistant to connect to Orchestrator that I could not.

My id had a previous license in 2021 . I do not have that key anymore and I installed UI path again for a trial version in my new machine with the new license. And now, I am unable to connect to Orchestrator. Requesting help for the same.



Hello any update please

Hello @debjani.roy ,
Its better you contact the UiPath Support team, as they can better assist you with the License details of yours.