Level 3 Assignment 2 "On Element Appear 'SPAN': Activity timeout exceeded"

Dear All

When I run the dispatcher, some of the transactions are added into the queue until Page 11 (which there are 15 pages in total). Error is shown as following:

The selector is set as ‘“”’ and I have already set the repeat forever into False.

Any suggestion to fix the issue? Please advise. Thank you!!!

Once try to add some delay before on element appear

Added delay before on element appear but still failed with same error… How can I do??


Remove that class attribute from selector and aaname attribute value should be like this.

     aaname = '"+in_TransactionItem.Tostring+"'
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It still does not work after revise the selector.

Anyway, I have fixed it by changing the cursor position. :smiley:
Thank you !!

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