Issue with move outlook mail message


I am trying move email to archive folder and UiPath giving " [Error] Move Outlook Mail Message: The operation failed." error in output panel. But when i looked at email, it is already moved into Archive folder after processing is done.

Let me know what is the issue.

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Try with
Increase timeout
Ignore Error

Karthik Byggari

keep that MOVE OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY inside a TRY block of TRY CATCH Activity
so that the error will be caught by CATCH block

Cheers @abhilashreddyalla

May be the error is occured when it tries to move another mail which is encrypted. Can you check that at what mail particularly it is failed

Hi there, I am having similar issues, but even more interesting because it’s selective:
Only some of the mails are getting the issue of Move Outlook mail Message: The operation failed, others are working fine - can it be that it’s something with the particular mail? Like a name, or attachment, or size of that email? I must say that there is some rule for that, cause they are for example: emails from the same vendor, or emails about the same property, that are not getting processed.
Unfortunately I cannot increase the Timeout for Move Outlook Mail cause there is no such property for that activity.

Anyone can help please?