Problem with looping over each url and getting data from linkedin connections

So basically, I want to get data of each connections from linkedin in excel sheet. first i get connections datascrap and then i go over each url from excel using foreach and then use try and catch to check if data exist and here it is giving me error. it is working fine when email is present but giving error when not present.
I am attaching the try and catch screenshot along with the error screenshot.
ps- if you need the full process please leave your email i will mail you.

i won’t be able to add more screenshots because i am new to the community

I would suggest you should not try to scrape profile data from your account because there are chances that your Linkedin account might get blocked try looking for API @love_sharma

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The selectors of LinkedIn are not static

Also according to LinkedIn data scrapping is not legit

You better try with API available with LinkedIn

Hope this helps you


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Thanks for aware me @Parth_Doshi and @Srini84 i didn’t knew that

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