Problem with Get mail messages when i start Dispatcher from Orchestrator

i´ve get an Get outlook mail messages error when i start my Dispatcher from the orchestrator. But it works when i start the Dispatcher from Studio. Ill add the Error feed from Orchestrator.

Does anyone had this problem?

Get Mail Messages properties:
Account: Config.item(“MailAccountName”).ToString
MailFolder: “Inkorg”

Error feed Orchestrator.txt (1.3 KB)

Thanks in advance


Outlook should be in Online at the time of process running else it will throw error.

Thank you Lakshman for your quick answer.

can you elaborate your answer a little bit. I dont really understand what you mean with Online? is it a setting in Orchestrator?

Because i have Outlook active and open when i start the process.


I mean at the time of process running Outlook application should be open and it is in Online.

If outlook application is not opened at the time of process running then it will throw error. In that use Start Process activity and pass Outlook file path to open the Outlook application.