Outlook access issue in ruining job from Orchestrator

I am facing an issue in running job from Orchestrator where the bot tries to access outlook.
Outlook version O365

When I start the process with uirobot , it works perfectly fine. But when the job is started from Orchestrator, it gives error for get outlook mail messages activity “operation timeout” and for send mail messages it throws exception. .

Looking for any possible solution.

Orchestrator doesn’t connect to Outlook. Outlook is an application that is installed on a computer. The email activities launch Outlook and interact with it locally. Is Outlook installed and configured on the machine you’re running the Job on?

Anyway, I always use Send SMTP Mail Message. It makes Outlook irrelevant. More reliable and simpler.

Yes, outlook is installed on the machine and is configured. On the same machine if I run the process with uirobot it works but fails if executed from Orchestrator

Hi @pandeypriyanka1312

Please check if the option “Never Warn me about the suspicious activity” in Trusted Center Setting is enabled.

Hope this fix the issue.