Orchestrator Get Outlook Messages Fails When Outlook Is Open On Another Machine


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I have Orchestrator running a Process that gets Outlook Messages. The process works great but I’ve found that it fails when Outlook was left open on another machine configured with the same email address. Is there anything I can do to avoid this happening in the future short of always making sure that Outlook is closed on other machines where this specific email is configured?

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I don’t think that will cause the issue if the outlook is opened in another machine. Can you try to run the bot manually once and let me know if it fails this way also?

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Is your robot configured to run as admin?

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Hello HareeshMR,

I ran my xaml manually with outlook closed on two different machines and my process worked as expected.

I ran my xaml manually with outlook open on two different machines and my process did not run correctly.

This is the same behavior I’m seeing when I run it through Orchestrator with the same conditions.

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Hello Sourav_Anand,

Thanks for the response. I’m not sure if i follow. When I run the xaml manually I am using an account logged in that is an administrator yes. My Orchestrator bot is also an admin on its machine.

Is there another way to run it as admin?

Having Outlook constantly opened on one single machine where the bot runs and on no other machine has been the only way we’ve gotten this to work, thanks all