Problem with FOR Each UI element

Hi I’m having trouble traversing a button using an activity FOR EACH UI ELEMENT, it keeps looping to one one and opening it, how do I navigate to the transitions that are above. Picture below.


So is it looping or not?

If yes then the activities that you need to do should be kept inside


So, it is clicking on each button and opening it. So, may I know what is the exact issue here

Hi, it opens only one element, the one at the bottom doesn’t want to go to the next ones above


In the for each ui element when you indicate please indicate the first button and see if it is highlighting others also…Ideally it should

Please check the same


Hi Szymon,

If I understand your question correctly, you would like click the buttons from top to bottom in your for each loop.

Can you show me what the selector looks like for the button? Depending on the selector you could create a Dynamic selector. Please send me a screenshot of how the selector looks like and then I could advise further :slight_smile:


yes it highlights as I mark the first button, under each button, even though it has the same name, there is something else


May I know what do you mean something else?

You want to click on the button only? Or anything ese?

If this is not working then othwr methog would be use get children and then use a for loop


I want to click on each button that is visible in the picture above, because in each of these buttons there is a different file that needs to be downloaded and saved


Please remove that idx …it will click on 5 always if that is present


Great Thanks,

Could you please click on the blue icon next to strict selector? This brings you to the UI explorer where we can see the possibilities for your selector.

What we would like to do is to make a dynamic selector, which enables us to click on each button based on the value we give it. Could you please send a screenshot of the UiExplorer with your button element?