For Each UI Element- Item not compatible

I am getting this screen with this error after selecting elements via the “For Each UI Element” activity.

I have looked through other topics but cannot find a solution.

For Each UI Element is an activity.

The screen you’re showing is Object Repository, not For Each UI Element.

What are you trying to do?

yes. But when I click “save and close” from the for each ui element activity this screen automatically comes up.

I am trying to click on each one of these titles.

You must accidentally be telling it to use a UI Element from the Object Repository. I’ve never had OR come up for me when using For Each UI Element.

I get this:


Add a UI Element and confirm:


Click Save & close and I’m back to Studio:


Here are my For Each UI Element properties. Are any of yours different?

Ok I see my mistake.

Is there a way to edit the selectors of the elements it automatically finds?

Funny you should ask. I had the same question a while back With the old Find Children there was a property in the activity where you could directly manipulate what it finds. With For Each UI Element it’s hidden from us.

But there is a way…