Dynamic selector using For each ui element not work

Hello everyone,
i want to click each word (the principe like button) and after that the button will be download the file. in my workplace, the each word will be change for any categories. so i make it the dynamic selector for click the button using for each ui element. but when i run the UiPath, i get the notification like “Could not find the user interface (UI) element for this action”. and the robot only click the 1 button and not click the other button. please anyone can share the solution about this problem? thanks
Screenshot 2024-01-19 115052
sorry i can’t share the screenshot because this is the confident

Hi @Haykal_Musyaffa_Fadhillah ,

Thanks for reaching out UiPath Community.

For the next iteration, you need to be on the page where your all UiElemets are present after you finish processing for the first UiElement need to return to the main page for the next iteration.

Hope this will work for you.

Happy Automation,

thank you for your reply
it means, i have to make the page return to the initial point when i click that button?
i still don’t understand

can you share the file for example?

Sure. Please find attached
Workflow.xaml (13.6 KB)

im sorry but it’s still not working on me. The notification always occured

i try with other path which is use dynamic selector to click another button (approximatelly to click 10 button) but my output is click one button with 10 times. please help me and share the information


In this you have used do while I am not able to get your exact issue, can you please mention it specifically?


In the selector table row is already constant…so even if you change idx it would still click the same

To make a selector dynamic you should remove all the constant parts and use the ones which are same across buttons


I have unselected properties with constant values, but I haven’t unselected for tabelrow and tabelcol because the buttons are located in those tabelrow and tabelcol. The value of Variable is still not change from default value


Then why are you trying to change the idx?

Fo you have multiple buttons in the same cell?


because when i change the idx value, example 1 to 2 then the button when selected was changed so i think is worth to change the value of idx use increase variable. But actually, is not working. Do you have any idea or another way for solving this issue?


Is it a table with buttons?

And one has multiple buttons?

Can you show a screenshot of layout?

If each cell is having one button then tablerow also can be in remented instead of idx and leave idx completely

Depends on how layout is and the selectors are


Screenshot 2024-01-23 153248
sorry i censored it because it is confident. so i want to click the content at the table (black marking) it is like a button. but the content is dynamically if choose the another case

i want to click all of them (the content which have a black mark)


As per screenshot…looks like tablerow,tag and idx should do the job in the selector…

Or from the cell extract all tag A using find children or use for eqch ui element on the value you need…it would click on each tag inside that cell


ohhh i see
i returned to using the previous method which is For each ui element, but if the page is change (amount of button is changed) because i input the another value and the Robot doesn’t find the ui element. i want to make the robot also working if input the another value for another page. have any idea for this case?


Ideally it would work…just refine the selector and make sure it does not contain any page specific information


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