Problem with for each and reading a table


Please take a look at the attached Main. The first activity launches a website. (I have changed the user id and password to something I made up. You won’t be able to launch the website as it is internal.)The second activity is supposed to read an Excel data table and then a For Each loop is supposed to go through each row of the data table, pull the variable strAWB and then insert that variable using a Type Into activity with a Click activity.

The problem is that my Main launches and logs into the website and opens the data table but then is stops. It doesn’t paste in the variable or display the message box message. What am I doing wrong? I feel like the issue is related to the data table variable dtDSLOA but it could be something else. Have I correctly described a link between this variable and the Excel data table called DSLOA - datatable.xlsx?

Please disregard the third activity as I have disconnected it

Main.xaml (41.3 KB)

Thank you for any help.

Hi, in your Read range you haven’t specified the Output dataTable, in this case you should add dtDSLOA, it should then work.

@cwedl - Thank you, I made the same realization last night!

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