For each row in for each item

Hi every body,

I ask for you help because i want to use a for each row in for for each item :slight_smile:

And i don’t know which variable i need to add in the for each row in ???

The files in for each item are excel file so i want to treat each row in each file.

Thanks you for your help :slight_smile:

You need to use Excel Application scope then Read Range to open each excel file.
The output of read range is a Datatable.
That will be the input in the for each row.

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Within the first For Each loop create an Excel Application scope.
Within the Excel application scope - add a Read Range activity. (Fill in the correct values for sheet name).In the properties pane - Output assign the Output to a databale variable.

Now after the Read Range activity add the For Each row loop activity.

ForEach row in DataTable varaible mentioned above.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply !

But what i have to put in the workbookpath (in the Excel Applcation Scope) ?



That will be item (In the Type Argument - on the righ hand pane for item please select String ).

item will contain the filepath.

So the Excel Application Scope will be item.

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Ok i did the changes that you told me.

My code :


I have an error : “The value cannot be null”


Ok fine i have no issue now ! The scope of the variable “Variable” was wrong. It works :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help


Check the For each activity if the type is String. if not try changing it to stiring. and make sure that GetFiles points to the folder containing your excel files.

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