For Each Row in Data Table Error

I’m working on the Developers foundation course, and I get this error in the For Each Row section, I’m not too sure what’s wrong. I looked at the solution and it looks the same?

This is because usersdt is empty

Thanks, but how do i get the data from the excel file into UsersDT? I must be missing something from the solutions file as the seem similar

Did you read the excel file ? use Read Excel activity and use the output of that into For each row activity

I believe so, it’s the one shown right?
Screenshot 2022-05-24 132011

did you create read range activity output variable

Please show the properties of this read range

Screenshot 2022-05-24 132011

This is what i have for the read range



put in output variable your UsersDT variable


Please provide UsersDT in the Output Datatable


create variable using cotrl+K in output DataTable variable.