Problem with excel activity packages

Hi Everyone,

I am not able to see the excel activities in the activity panel despite of installing Excel activity package
Let me know if any one can help me out

What activities you are referring? @Saurabh_Singh3

I have installed the package of excel then also its not showing

Please check expanding the available option there @Saurabh_Singh3

I have checked in each and every option available and also in app integration but its not available.

Can you post the screenshot of the dependencies in your workflow as below @Saurabh_Singh3


From where can i get dependencies option i am not aware of it

In the left pane beside the activities tab, click on Project, there you find all the dependencies and the workflows you created @Saurabh_Singh3

There is nothing available in project catagory

Oh, if you open the file manager of the main.xaml file, you will have project.json file along with the main.xaml.

Do one thing, install the packages, UiPath.System.Activities, uipath.excel.activities, and then check the dependencies again @Saurabh_Singh3

Still its not showing after installing it again

Thats strange, can you post the project.json file you have?

DO one thing, close the workflow as you have nothing in the workflow, then try creating a new project. so that everything works fine in the new project. @Saurabh_Singh3

I have created the new project also but then also its not showing the excel activity

Thats strange and if you still have dependencies null, try reinstalling the studio @Saurabh_Singh3

Which version of UiPath you are using and post the version of .Net framework also

My version is 18.1.3 and yesterday i have uninstalled and reinstalled it again but then too its not working and my colleague also have the same version and excel dependency is visible in there laptop.