Where are my excel activities

I have UiPath Studio 2018.2.6. Enterprise Edition and I cannot find any excel activities. I have installed and un-installed many times in the manage packages section. Someone help.

A few things to consider:

  • If you create a new process are they available in that project?
  • Are there dependency conflicts in your current project?
  • Can you try installing a different package version, one that might be more stable with your Studio version?
  • Not available when creating new process
  • How do I check for dependency conflicts?
  • Which package should I download?

it would have told you there were dependency conflicts, so that shouldn’t be an issue. When you download it in the Package Manager you should see a dropdown by the Save/Update button that should let you pick a version. Using that you can designate the version to use.

Make sure you have the Official package source located in the Settingsenabled to view other versions. The versions don’t line up with the versions of Studio like some packages, but maybe try version 2.4.6863.30657. It says that version was released the same day as 2018.6.2 from what I was able to find (17th October, 2018), if that doesn’t work, try stepping back to 2.4.6862.21482 or 2.4.6856.17931.

Which version should I select? Not seeing the versions you mentioned. See attached.

Ok so I downloaded 2.3.6682.26635 and all of the activities will show up in the panel AND THEN WILL DISAPPEAR after a few seconds. UiPath keeps reverting back to automatically, which causes my activities to disappear…


Figured it out. I disabled “auto-update” which allows me to use an older version of excel activities and I am using 2.3.6682.26635

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