Problem with Date Picker in connection with "While" and "Try Catch" Activity


I want to enter a date on the website, which must be clicked manually. The selector of the click activity is dynamic and works. However, if the month to be selected is not displayed, the bot should continue clicking. I tried the whole thing with a While loop and the Try Catch activity (see image). Unfortunately the exception inside the Try Catch activity is not executed, I don’t know why. When I manually click on the month, the correct date is selected.

The variable “Retry” is first set to TRUE.


Can someone help? Thanks a lot

Hello @Tris_H

Did you tried to execute in debug mode with highlight enabled.
Better you can use stepinto and check whether the activities are working fine. I think here the exception is not happening in the Try section.

Thank you for your answer. The solution was to click “Run File” instead of debug file

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