Select the Date in Traveloka

Hi Folks. I have a desire to select the date from the date picker table in traveloka but dont come up with a solution to do it because the date is in table format. But I want the bot to automatically select the date that had been typed by the user.
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1.Use a while loop and keep the condition as true
2.Add check app state and select a the month(Element to appear)

Edit its selector , here i used a strict selector
Below is the selector that i use
<webctrl tag='H3' aaname='{{checkinMonthAndYear}}' />

checkinMonthAndYear contains “User Date”

3.The left side click activity will select the date and its anchor is the month and year name

the right side click activity will navigate to next page

If target appears and clicks on the date then it will break from the while loop

Kindly play with selectors of click activity

Hope it helps you out!

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Firstly, I want to say thanks for helping me.
But I still have a question: In your response, you’ve mentioned about the condition. So can you explain what condition here is.


In order to exceute the activities inside the while we are making the condition as true that i will execute the activities inside it
3.After the required date is matched we are break the while loop


Please check this on how to achieve


This is your website you want to get data

that’s right?

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Hey @QUY_T_TAM_8.0_IELTS ,

Based on my experience…if you use click activities for date picker it will take lots of time
So i noticed that the link of the website contains the date
Screenshot is attached below

If you see the link closely theres a date in it (19-8-2023)

All you have to do is replace that date with your date in the same format


After analyzing the links I see that the date is followed by &dt=date.NA&ps
So use Get url activity and then a assign activity and use string manipulations

Hope it helps you!