Problem with data scraping selector

Can anyone help me with this problem with data scraping


After several times of using it , I get this error.
I suppose that there is a problem with selector, but don’t know how to solve it…

Hi @dvojinovic

Could you please confirm that particular ‘EBM Business request’ page is opened in the Edge browser.

If opened, then please use the Ui Explorer and get the current/runtime selector and share the screenshot here.

if not opened, then open the specific application and run the bot.

Based on the error screenshot I assume ‘Uipath Academy page’ is alone opened in the browser.


Hello @dvojinovic

From the error itself it is clear that the title of the Attach window is not the same.
In the workflow it is EBM Business, where as the opened page is having Uipath Academy.

Actually which application you are trying to automate? You need to provide the window of that particular page in the Attach bROWSER.


Hi @dvojinovic

Title is not same pass the title as Asterisk



page is openned in Edge, and I’m wondering what is relation with explorer?
One time I tried this extion it succeded, but another time i failed with an error I descrepted before.

Hi @dvojinovic

Ui Explorer helps us to fine tune the selector. it has nothing to do with the execution. From you answer I understand that you want to automate EBM Business application. First time execution is successful and second time it got failed.

Could you please check if you have used any navigate browser or navigate URL activity in the workflow. if yes then the argument passed may be pointing to UiPath academy.

Also please mention how may browsers sessions and browsers tabs are opened during the execution.

Could you please open the Ui Explorer and point to the EBM application and share the screenshot like above. Don’t close other opened tabs. Just take the screenshot as its.