Problem with CV Scope not recognizing elements


I have a sub window in a Citrix application that can be selected by CV Screen Scope and shows the elements in that window selected in the Sequence but those elements are not available to select with any CV Activity.


If it is visible in scope then they will be available for the CV activities
Did we try with a CV Click activity to check whether any element is accessible

Cheers @David_Goldwag

Yes, I have tried CV Click and none of the elements are available to select in the scope.

I am really stuck at this point. I have tried to use image capture activities along with CV and nothing is able to capture the elements within this window. The window represents an interface to the Citrix application. Does this prevent any automation within this window? Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks.

Hello David,

Did you fill the API key and CV Url in the properties of CV Scope activity?
Earlier even I was having this issue with my citrix environment as I wasn’t able to click any applications inside citrix. But once I filled these details and also used Microsoft MODI OCR, it worked.