I cannot pass Calculate Client Security Hash i getting 0%

plz …help me

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Hi did u reset nthe test data on acme after running the client security hash
If yes, then don’t do that, after running program successfully , zip the file and upload in the assignment section

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no i didn’t rest data after running the client security hash

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Level 3 Advanced Training - Assignment 1 Giving Zero marks

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Make sure you should the same email address in ACME as in the UiPath Academy.

Can you go and check what is the Error in Evaluation assignment result.

If everything is fine, Please contact support.
Please raise a support request describing your issue.


Contact UiPath RPA Academy


where i can find Evaluation assignment

You can click on arrow.

My site has another form …why ??
give me your link

Both are same I just shared old screenshot, Now it is updated.

you can check this post,


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i will see it

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