Calculate Client Security Hash assignment submission works, but platform grades 0/100


My code works perfectly in my computer, and yet, the Calculate Client Security Hash assignment is evaluating my results as 0/100. I’ve uploaded it to the Uipath platform a few times with minor changes, but the portal does not grade it any different.

When it comes to the directions:

  • I haven’t reset my test results in the ACME website after running my solution;
  • My code is using exactly the ID-Client-Country from the example, and the code is changing the statuses to Completed;
  • I’m using the same email in the Acme and in the Academy Website;
  • There are no errors or warnings.

I’ve checked online for solutions, and it seems my code is practically the same as the ones from other people. But their solutions were accepted and mine wasn’t. =(

How can I overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance.

You should reset your settings on the ACME website to verify that the process is running correctly. Do this multiple times, and there should be no errors for any of the times you reset.

Also, you must follow the instructions exaclty as written in the walkthrough. Divergences from the walkthrough can result in a 0/100 even if the workflows perform what is expected of the given goal.

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Make sure you get the new test data, and then run your project.
As getting the old test data might not update the results.

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Even I have exactly same issue. I have even raised a service ticket and below are the ticket details. Please help.

Service Ticket: 00616743_Grading is not done for my UI Path Architecture certification