Problem: Unable to install UiPath community version

Hi all,

I am trying to register an account and download and community version UiPath.

However after I registered and verified my email, I am not able to sign-in. It keeps showing “ERROR Internal Server Error”. Is there anyone facing the same problem or encountered the same problem and fixed ?

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Hi there, try following the link in incognito mode in your browser as the previous session may be cached and causing issues.


Welcome to the UIpath Community.

Is it 524 server error ?

If yes then it’s known issue and UIpath people are working on this.

Thx for your suggestion but unfortunately it didn’t work

Its not the 524 server error I guess. It keeps showing the below error image and I am not able to sign-in for further download of UiPath…



Just now I tried to download Community Edition and it’s working fine from my end.

So each time I tried to login it re-directs to the below link, and then it shows error.

Hi all,

I also getting same error ? Is there any porblem with server ?

Hi ,

We are currently working on this issue on priority. We shall update once this issue is resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Even I m getting same error. Pls help…

The issue has been fixed. Please sign-in now with your account details.

If you face any problems, please let us know

Please have a look at this link. Cloud Platform - Fix in progress for Sign in/Sign up errors

Great I signed in successfully.
Seems everything’s back to normal

Thanks a lot. It is working now…